RHEL6 features

1. It uses UUID instead of labels for the disks

which means in /etc/fstab you will mention UUID=”xsdfdfs123sdf” /mnt ext4 defaults 1 2

you do not need e2label command any more, but you need blkid command, using command you will find uuid of a partition.

2. After creating new partition you have to reboot the system to updated kernel partition table or use commands “partprobe or kpartx” to update kernel partition table.

3. RHEL6 uses two new strong password hasingh i.e. SHA-256 (algorithm 5) and SA-512 (algorithm 6)

4. Default Mail Transfer Agent (SMTP server) is PostFix not Sendmail

5. System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) implements a set of services for central management of identity and authentication.

–Note these are few features I noticed

Author: rajukv

Hadoop(BigData) Architect and Hadoop Security Architect can design and build hadoop system to meet various data science projects.

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