Recover Root Password from ZFS File System

ok>boot cdrom -s
#zpool import

# zpool import rpool

#zfs list

# zfs get mounted rpool/ROOT/s10s_u10_08a

# zfs set mountpoint=/mnt rpool/ROOT/s10s_u10_08a

# zfs mount rpool/ROOT/s10s_u8wos_08a

#zfs list

Now you can change the password from /mnt/etc/shadow file by either using vi editor or

# cd /

# zfs umount rpool/ROOT/s10s_u10_08a

# zfs set mountpoint=/ rpool/ROOT/s10s_u10_08a
#init 6

more clink here

Author: rajukv

Hadoop(BigData) Architect and Hadoop Security Architect can design and build hadoop system to meet various data science projects.

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