Two node cluster storage migration from EMC to hitachi

1) Consider the data copying is done in the background from SAN side.
1. Sun Explorer
2. EMC Grab output
3. Emc database files
[/etc/power.custom ; /etc/emcp_devicesDB.dat
4. Output of “inq –no_dots”
5. Output of “cldev show –v “
6. Cldev list –v |grep voor1 ( scdidadm –l)

Actual migration
1) Shutdown the application in production
2) Offline all the resource groups.
3) Add the quorum server quorum device
follow –
4) Check the quorum configuration.
In cluster nodes run
# clq status
# clq list -v
5) Remove the emc quorum disk from cluster – once you confirm there is quorum added from qurum server.
6) Check the quorum server configuration
#clq status
# clq list -v
This will show the minimum quorum devices needed and available.
7) Reboot one node to check that new quorum device is working fine.

8) Disable EMC powerpath to enable native Multipathing on both the servers.
#svcadm disable /system/emcpower/powerstartup
# sysadm disable /system/emcpower/powershift

9) We have to configure native Multipathing on one server and reboot ,
10) Repeat step 9 on node2 if step9 CHECK is successful.
11) All the devices are offline, cluster is running on quorum server and native mulstipathing is enabled and emc powerpath is disabled.
At this stage SAN can remove EMC luns and assign HDS Lun.

12) San team will un-present luns
Below commands will refresh the DID list and remove the disk from OS control
#cldevice refresh
#devfsadm -Cv

13) SAN team will present only quorum disk via Hitachi
After SAN team presents the LUN, we have to scan the disks.
#cfgadm -c configure c2/c3
#devfsadm –Cv
#cldevice populate
At this point we shall see the quorum disk from Hitachi LUNS and Global device ID will be generated.

14) Now we need to add the quorum disk .

#cldev list or scdidadm -L

15) We need to remove the quorum server device now.
( )
# clsetup
[Select Quorum>Remove a quorum device]
[Answer the questions when prompted.] remove mint04
Quit the clsetup Quorum Menu and Main Menu.]
[Verify that the quorum device is removed:]
# clquorum list -v
Next clean up the cluster quorum server configuration
clquorumserver clear -c clustername -I clusterID quorumserver [-y]
#clqs show
16) SAN team present other LUNS
After SAN team presents the LUN, we have to scan the disks.
#cfgadm -c configure c2/c3
#devfsadm –Cv
#cldevice populate

At this point we shall see the other Hitachi LUNS and Global device ID will be generated.

17) Now we shall online the cluster RG’s one by one in below order
# clrg online <res group>

 If you have to copy data from OS side then follow same procedure to add the hitachi disks including quorum server.
Mirror the disk.
remove EMC disk
boot from Hitachi disk
repopulate disk
configure quorum on hitachi disk and then remove quorum server.
Make sure you are configuring Quorum disk only after removing EMC disk and repopulating device.

I have successfully migrated Two node cluster from EMC to hitachi using above procedure.

Credit:  vikrant Raut

Author: rajukv

Hadoop(BigData) Architect and Hadoop Security Architect can design and build hadoop system to meet various data science projects.

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