AIX HACMP commands to manage the cluster

HACMP binaries (commands) are located under “/usr/es/sbin/cluster/sbin and utilties”. So set the path if it’s not to avoid lengthy path

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/es/sbin/cluster/sbin;/usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities

  1. “clRGinfo” – Cluster information
  2. “cllsres” – Resource information
  3. “cllsserv” — list startup/shutdown scripts used in cluster resource
  4. “cllsfs” –> to list file systems used in cluster
  5.  “cltopinfo” –> cluster topology information
  6. “clRginfo -m” –> to verity cluster monitoring status for Service group
  7. “clshowres” –> resource information
  8. “smitty cl_admin” –> to manager cluster service groups/resources
  9. “smitty hacmp” –> to manager cluster  like failovers

Author: rajukv

Hadoop(BigData) Architect and Hadoop Security Architect can design and build hadoop system to meet various data science projects.

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