RHEL 7 – Notes: Journalctl

Journalctl to view system logs:


journalctl -n
journalctl -n 5
journalctl -p err
journalctl –since today
journalctl –since “2015-12-22 02:00:00” –until “2015-12-22 03:00:00”
journalctl -o verbose

journalctl _PID=1

journalctl -b (since last reboot if they were made persistent)


How to make persistent:

mkdir /var/log/journal

chown root:systemd-journal /var/log/journal

chmod 2755 /var/log/journal

kilall -USR1 systemd-journald


Author: rajukv

Hadoop(BigData) Architect and Hadoop Security Architect can design and build hadoop system to meet various data science projects.

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