2016 Big Data Maturity Survey

2016 Big Data Maturity Survey PDF

Note: This survey was done by AtScale ( Analytic platform for the google cloud)


How they made survey: 2.550 responded survey. AtScale has partnered with Cloudera,
Hortonworks, MapR, Tableau, Trifacta and Cognizant to identify companies
that are working with Big Data or about to. We asked them how they got
value from it, what tools they are using and the tactics they used to succeed


Big Data is growing fast: 97% will do as much or more with Big Data over the next 3 months.

Big Data Cloud is King: 72% of respondents plan on doing Big Data in the Cloud.

Governance is a growing concern: Governance is the fastest growing area of concern  year-over-year (21% YOY).

Business Intelligence is #1: 75% of respondents say they planning on using BI on Big Data.