AIX Storage Device Managerment

How to find wwn of HBA cards in AIX OS ?

  1. Check available fc cards using ‘lsdev -Cc adapter|grep fcs”
  2. lscfg -vl fcsX (Where X is number)
  3. Also you can find using ‘fcstat fcsX’

How to scan new LUN disks assigned by storage team and identify them ?

  1. lsdev -Cc disk (pre scan output)
  2. cfgmgr (this will scan all the hardware), specific FC hardware then ‘cfgmgr -l fcsX’
  3. lsdev -Cc disk (post scan output), you will find the new LUN disks in the list.
  4. lspv (will give new storage lun disk without pvid)

How to verify Lun device id to confirm  before adding to vg ?

  1. lscfg -vpl <disk name>|grep VPD e.x. lscfg -vpl hdiskpower0|grep VPD
  2. if you are using powerpath as multipath software. then powermt display dev=all|grep “Logical\ device\ ID”

How to verify storage disk size allocated to your aix box

  1. bootinfo -s hdiskpower3
  2. output: <size in mb will be displayed here>

How to extend non cluster file system using newly allocated storage disk ?

  1. Check newly al
  2. Extend the vg adding the disk  “extendvg  myvg01 hdiskpower3”
  3. Verify added free space “lsvg myvg01|grep “FREE PPs”
  4. chfs -a size=+10G /app
  5. df -gt /app (to confirm new size of the file system)

How to extend cluster file system ?

  1. To  extend file system which is in cluster, need to follow different procedure
  2. Verify disk attribute for reserver policy and chage it to no reserver, so that OS will not reserve and allows to failvoer to another node.
  3. lspv (verify if new disk got any pvid or not, ideally it should be none as i’t s anew LUN”
  4. Verify reserver policy
  5. lsattr -El hdiskpower3|grep reserve_policy. If it shows “no_rserve” it’s good. If not then change the plicy
  6. chdev -l hdiskpower3 -a reserve_policy=no_reserve
  7. make it persistent with -P (upper case)
  8. chdev -l hdiskpower3 -a reserve_policy=no_reserve -P
  9. Verify
  10. lsattr -El hdiskpower3|grep reserve_policy.  It should show “no_rserve”
  11. Assign a pv id
  12. chdev -l hdiskpower3 -a pv=yes
  13. verify with lspv
  14. As it’s shared disk between cluster nodes. Other node when you run this command it should assign same pvid.
  15. Add disk to cluster vg using smitty
  16. smitty cl_admin ==> Storage ==> Volume Groups ==> Set Characterisitics of a Volume Group ==> Add a Volume to a Volume Group ==> select the volume group to which you need to add free disk ==> select the free disk by choosing free pvid ==> [ENTER} to execute and “Escape 0” to exit smitty
  17. lsvg <vgname> will show free PP’s and it’s size
  18. /usr/es/sbin/cluster/sbin/cl_chfs -a size=+5G /app (+5G indicates we are extending file system with additional 5Gb space
  19. df -gt /app

Some disk query commands in AIX

This query of disk will give it’s vg information

#lqueryvg -Atp hdiskpower3

To see disk path


To see list of disks in a system

#lsdev -Cc disk  (you can replace disk with tape/adapter to see those devices)

To see vg information

#lsvg <vgname)

To see attributes of a disk

#lsattr -El hdiskpower3