Integrated Management Module (IMM) management on IBM x86 M3 server

1. Find IMM version using dmidecode in Linux

dmidecode|awk -F\- ‘/Integrated Management Module/ { gsub(/\[|]/,””);print $2 }’

2. Upgrade the IMM firmware version

download the .bin file  example yuooe3c version upgrade file name “ibm_fw_imm_yuooe3c-1.33_linux_32-64.bin” and execute as root login using -s option

./ibm_fw_imm_yuooe3c-1.33_linux_32-64.bin -s

Note: This will not reboot the server automatically.  New version can be identified through dmidecode only after reboot

3. use asu64 utility to mange IMM from command mode.

Usage: ./asu [apps] <cmds> [<cmd_mod> | <class>] [<options>] [<connect_opts>]


 –license           rebootimm
        batch               rebootbmc
        comparedefault      rebootrsa
        delete              replicate
        deletecert          resetrsa
        dump                restore
        encrypt             save
        export              set
        generate            setenc
        help                show
        import              showdefault
        loaddefault         showgroups
        nodes               showlocation
        patchadd            showvalues
        patchextract        version
        patchlist           readraw
        patchremove         writeraw

4. To check values, first dump all values to a  temp file and use the file for reference

/opt/ibm/toolscenter/asu/asu64 show all 2>/dev/null >/tmp/imm-dump.txt

grep IMM.NTPHost /tmp/imm-dump.txt

5. To modify individual property value:

 /opt/ibm/toolscenter/asu/asu64 set IMM.NTPHost <IP address>

6. To Modify multiple values, then create a temp file /tmp/imm-values.txt with values

set IMM.DNS_IP_Address1 “nn.nn.nn.nn”
set IMM.DNS_IP_Address2 “nn.nn.nn.nn”
set IMM.NTPHost “nn.nn.nn.nn”
set IMM.SMTP_ServerName “nn.nn.nn.nn”

 then input the temp file /tmp/imm-values.txt to asu64 tool

asu64 batch /tmp/imm-values.txt

As some values will reflect after imm reboot, reboot it using rebootimm

asu64 rebootimm