you tube videos for Oracle Solaris 11

Do you want to get idea on Oracle Solaris 11 and lazy to read the books. No worries, I am sharing here some videos to get some understanding on Oracle Solaris 11



Difference between LDOMS’s and Zones (containers)

Today’s meeting one guy was speaking LDOM’s and Zones as one and the same. I thought I will write the difference between LDOM’s and Zones

LDOM’s can be created only on sun4v based cpu servers as they come with hypervisor, which is important hardware layer that give power of virtualization. Sun4v cpu latest server models are T4 series servers T4-1 (1 socket, 8 core, 8 threads per core=64 threads per server), T4-2 (2 socket, 2×64 threads), T4-4 (4 socket, 4×64 threads).

LDOMS have independent cpu, memory, file system and most important Kernel. These domains have their own console connectivity and boot prompt,

LDOMs are created and managed from service domain. Every LDOM needs it’s own administrative efforts like patching,

LDOMs now called as Oracle VM servers


Zones (containers) do not required any specific hardware as it’s a purely software based virtual technology. Zones also called as containers, reason is you will create compartments in a OS, sharing kernel, cpu, memory and file system

Zones (containers) share everything, CPU, Memory, File Systems and most important thing Kernel. Global zone runs on solaris 10, you can have non global zones with solaris 8, solaris 9 and even linux.

Zones (containers) zones are created and managed through global zones, most of the single administrative task will be applicable to all zones like patching.


Below link has a nice presentation on LDOMs, but beware it’s older version