Python: Lists (difference between Lists and Tuples)

#Lecture 6 Lists


Lists look like Tuples, but they have some critical differences. It’s very important to make out the differences

Tuples Lists

===================== ===================================

used () parenthesis Uses [] parenthesis

singlets need , (5,) No additional comma reqired [5]

Immutable, means elements can’t Important feature, Lists are mutable

be modified e.x.,: Trees=[‘Mango’, ‘Neem’, ‘Tamarind’]

we can replace Neem i.e. Trees[1]=’Banian’

Now Trees List will looks as

Trees=[‘Mango’, ‘Banian’, ‘Tamarind’]


Trees=[‘Mango’, ‘Neem’, ‘Tamarind’]

Fruits=[‘Apple’, ‘Banana’]

print Trees, Fruits

#Modify the Trees lists


print Trees

#using methods like append, we can extend Lists


print Fruits

#Now we will see another example called “Aliasng”


Plants1=[[‘Mango’, ‘Banian’, ‘Tamarind’], [‘Apple’, ‘Banana’, ‘Mango’]]

#if you print both look alike

#print Plants

#print Plants1

#Now modify Trees lists using append method


print Plants

print Plants1


OUTPUTs varies

Plants output [[‘Mango’, ‘Neem’, ‘Tamarind’], [‘Apple’, ‘Banana’, ‘Mango’]]

Plants1 output [[‘Mango’, ‘Banian’, ‘Tamarind’], [‘Apple’, ‘Banana’, ‘Mango’]]