Network interface mapping on Sparc T4-1

I have sparc T4-1 with onboard quad port and two PCIe quad port network cards installed on slot 0(zero) and slot 1(one)

Slot 0(zero) PCI-E network card:

Slot 0- Port0 – mapped to nxge0

Slot 0- Port1 – mapped to nxge1

Slot 0- Port2 – mapped to nxge2

Slot 0- Port3 – mapped to nxge3

Slot 1 (one) PCI-E network card:

Slot 1- Port0 – mapped to nxge4

Slot 1- Port1 – mapped to nxge5

Slot 1- Port2 – mapped to nxge6

Slot 1- Port3 – mapped to nxge7

Onboard quad port card:

Onboard – Port0 – mapped to igb0

Onboard- Port1 – mapped to igb1

Onboard- Port2 – mapped to igb2

Onboard- Port3 – mapped to igb3

Click on igb  and nxge for more details

igb network card:  Intel 82575 1Gb PCI Express NIC Driver

nxge:  Sun 10/1 Gigabit Ethernet network driver