Decommissioning a Resource Manager in Hadoop cluster

Why do we need to decommission a Resource node ?

  1. For maintenance of Resource node host like patching/hardware replacement etc.
  2. To discard Resource node server when it complete it’s life cycle and categorized as DNP (do not permit).
  3. Upgrade of hardware from lower configuration to higher configuration servers

How to decommission a data node ?

  1. yarn-site.xml  file will have 2 configurations yarn.resourcemanager.nodes.include-path and yarn.resourcemanager.nodes.exclude-path
  2. Add the decommission node name in <HADOOP_CONF_DIR>/yarn.exclude. If more than one node is there to decommission, then list them separated by newline. An example for <HADOOP_CONF_DIR> is /etc/hadoop/conf
  3. If you have <HADOOP_CONF_DIR>/yarn.include file using for yarn resource manager in hadoop, then make sure the decommission nodes are removed from this list.
  4. su <YARN USER> (example: su – yarn); yarn rmadmin -refresh nodes
    1.  Note: user can very for your environment, use the right user.
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